Where to Start when Learning Danish

If you’re completely new to Danish, it might seem overwhelming to get started with this new weird language where people sort of mumbles out every word. But don’t let that dissuade you, soon you’ll also be able to mumble like a real Dane.


Learning that is not the best place to start though in my opinion.


The first thing to learn is of course the greetings. That’s the words you’ll likely be using by far the most when practicing Danish either way.

If you’re learning Danish with a tutor or in a class, there are a lot of useful phrases that you should learn before your first lessons.

On top of this, you’ll likely need to introduce yourself on a regular basis, so learning your personal self-introduction is also a great use of your time.


I’d recommend trying to learn a decent pronunciation of these words and phrases, because else you’ll be greeted by the confused and slightly annoyed faces of Danes who’re discussing with themselves whether they should just reply in English to ease the pain. However, learning the perfect pronunciation is quite an undertaking so I’d recommend aiming for ‘understandable’.


I’d also recommend getting a 1-on-1 tutor or teacher as that in my experience has been incredibly effective for learning a new language. Alternatively, you can find a language partner. As long as you get practice using Danish to form sentences.


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