Useful Phrases for your first Lesson in Danish

When you start to learn Danish, I can only encourage you to find a private teacher or tutor. Somebody who can guide you into the language and help you grow on your journey. I don’t generally recommend taking classes as there tend to be a lot of other students trying to steal the spotlight. This combined with a teacher who’s a bit too fond of listening to her own voice usually result in not enough practice for any of the students. Especially conversational practice seems completely neglected so I know people who’ve taken Danish classes for year who’re still struggling to keep a simple conversation (there are also examples of the opposite, but it’s usually due to them practicing with Danes outside of the classroom which is obviously a decent alternative to a private teacher).


Here is a list of phrases that are super useful for Danish lessons or even language exchange:


Yes, no – Ja, nej

I don’t understand – Jeg forstår det ikke

I don’t know – Det ved jeg ikke

I think so – Det tror jeg

I don’t think so – Det tror jeg ikke

Here you are – Værsågod

Can you repeat – Kan du gentage det?

One more time – En gang til

A bit slower please – Lidt langsommere

How do you say carrot (in Danish) – Hvordan siger man carrot (på dansk)

How do you pronounce this – Hvordan udtaler man det her

Are you ready? – Er du klar?

Wait – Vent

Homework – lektier


That should equip you for your first lesson in Danish. The good thing about these phrases is that they are super useful in normal conversations as well so your task right now is to find somebody and practice these phrases with. Have fun.


If you want to learn more, here is an article about how to introduce yourself in Danish.

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