Self-Introduction in Danish


When you meet new people under almost any circumstances, they’ll want to know who you are. And as a part of your integration in Denmark, you’ll need to know how to introduce yourself in Danish, so you can start to blend in with the Danes.


Self-introduction can take many shapes and forms and for this one you’ll have to do some work yourself. Because I can’t tell you how you say your occupation or where you come from, but I’ll give you a template where you only need to fill in the blanks:




Hello – Hej

Mit navn er [name]

I’m from [country] – Jeg kommer fra [country]

I’m [occupation] – Jeg er [occupation]

I’m majored in [education] – Jeg er uddannet i [education]

I’m X years old – Jeg er X år gammel

I have stayed in Denmark for X years – Jeg har boet i Danmark i X år


Now you just need to replace all the X’es and brackets with the words relevant for you. If you’re not sure where to look up the words, you can just use Google Translate – it’s fairly reliable for Danish.


As an example, I’ve my own self-introduction below. This also gives you the chance of hearing the pronunciation of the different sentences:



Mit navn er Jesper

Jeg kommer fra Danmark

Jeg er konsulent

Jeg er uddannet I softwareudvikling

Jeg er 27 år gammel

Jeg har boet i Danmark i 27 år



Cultural tip: Never ask people how old they are. Especially ladies! That’s quite rude in Denmark.


Now fill in the blanks of your personal self-introduction, and when you’re done, go out there and tell some random strangers who you are (or do it to people at the next event you attend).


Remember, the most important thing is that you practice, not that you say it perfectly the first time 🙂


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