Scenario: Looking for the Metro

When you’re in a foreign country you’ll often find yourself lost (I know I do) and in need of help from the locals. And there’s nothing that charms the pants of them more than if you’re able to phrase your question in the local tongue.

This scenario uses the example of looking for the metro, but you can use the grammar where you’re looking for anything, even expired milk in the supermarket.




Dig: Undskyld mig
Ham: Ja ?
Dig: Hvor er metroen
Ham: Derhenne og til højre
Dig: Tak


English Translation
You: Excuse me
He: Yes ?
You: Where is the metro
He: Over there and to your right
Dig: Thank you

Hvor er X = Where is X

Related vocab
Right (direction) = Højre
Left = Venstre
Straight ahead = Straight ahead
The toilet = Toilettet
The milk = Mælken

What’s next ??

Then next thing for you to do is to go out there and practise this with some Danish people. It doesn’t matter what you ask for or even if you know the answer already (I’m guilty of doing this more than once for the sake of practising), what matters is that you practise speaking. So go out there and ask for where the metro or toilet or café (caféen) or canteen (kantinen) or something else is.

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