Journey to Danish

Whether you've just started your language journey or you've been underway for a while now I hope to be able to assist you in achieving your goals.

Journey to Danish

Free Pronunciation Course in ÆØÅ

Pronunciation is probably the hardest part of Danish that’s why I’m currently working on creating some awesome material that will make it more accessible. If you sign up for my newsletter below, I’ll send you a link to my first creation: A short video course in the pronunciation of ÆØÅ. Along with the video I’ll also send an audio file for easy practice on the commute. So sign up below and I’ll send it straight to your inbox:

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Effective Study Methods

Effective Study Methods

  Back when I started studying Japanese I used a podcast program I had stumbled across. I had a fair...

Just started your Journey

First and foremost welcome aboad! I’m really happy that you’ve decided to learn Danish. That in fact makes you quite...


I’ve been studying foreign languages for several years now and it continues to shock me how poor the material out there is. So I’ve decided to fix that problem for Danish and try and engineer some amazing study material that encompass all facets of the Danish language, especially speaking.

I will also share different ways of studying Danish that are greatly better than the all-time silver bullet: Class Room lecture. Because seriously, who ever got fluent in any language from sitting in a classroom. And let me spare you the suspense, there are no single “master method” that magically teaches you every single element of the language. Instead I’ll share with you the different methods I use, their advantages and disadvantages and when to use which.

To put it in short, I’ll teach you Danish using everything I’ve learn from studying English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and more.